So the wind has reached over 20 knots, which means it’s unsafe to take small boats out so the bird team is inside half the day doing data entry and paperwork. Over the past couple days we’ve been continuing to measure colony numbers of individuals and nests. It’s crazy to see the loss that can […]

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Leopard Seal

Saw our first lep yesterday! Very exciting. They only show up down here when the ice is right enough for them to float on. They’re a crazy predator that feeds on krill, octopus, fish, seabirds, and other seals. Them showing up means maybe orcas! Also the phytoplankton is blooming which means krill which means more […]

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Sun Burn

The sun has been so nice the past couple days with visibility 100% so you can actually see the mountains surrounding us. Very pretty. Today we did a couple hikes on various islands to look for brown skuas. Most of the skuas are banded with numbers around their “ankles” so they’ve been tracked for a […]

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Birds Birds Birds

So after a couple days, we’re starting to get into the swing of things. I forgot to mention, we had to compile these insane notebooks full of maps and graphs and you name it for when we go to islands we can identify colonies that have been recorded for years. So we go to the […]

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Field Day 1

So today was very exciting because it was the first day the bird team was able to go out and actually go see birds! Most of the islands around Palmer are closed for egg laying season or you need a permit to go to because they’re protected. Well, the birders have these permits so we […]

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First Day At Palmer

First full day at Palmer. Last night, the “bar” was open which is BYOB and the store in which to purchase such items is only open two days a week for one hour! So it was fun meeting the people that stay on station for six month at a time and learning about what everyone […]

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Palmer Station!

After a week of traveling, we made it! Palmer Station is something else. The landscaping, BEAUTIFUL! Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it and probably never will again. The land and wildlife are so preserved and untouched. Sheath gulls just land a foot away from you, gentoo penguins stumble through the edge of the station. […]

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