Some nice weather has arrived, with blue skies and no waves. This allows us to a new island called Dream. It was beautiful and we hiked around for about eight miles over hills full of loose rocks and heavy snow. This area is where the chinstrap penguins nest and they are as cute as can be. Some penguin colonies consist both adelie and chinstrap nesting together. Chinstrap aren’t as ice dependent as adelies and are therefore moving into adelie territory as adelie numbers decline. As comes with the nice weather… whales! We basically see humpbacks regularly from the boat. Some are more curious than others and will actually approach boats. There has also been an insane amount of crabeater seals. We saw a group of about 150 traveling together in the water. Very cool. Anyway, eight days until I begin the journey home.

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  1. What a beautiful site, dream, hopefully it was a dream come true for you and it stacked up to be everything you dreamed of and then some, have safe trip home ❤️


  2. Thank you so much for taking us along this amazing journey. Can’t wait to see you , and to hear you explain the pictures more so the expedition.
    As You know I have spent a ton of hours on the Great Lakes and I also get sea sick.
    There is only one thing that works for me. If you can get the Transderm-scop, 1.5mg patches. I suggest you put on your first patch behind the ear(follow directions) as early as 24 hours before you depart for home. If you can’t get it that soon they will still work but not as good, maybe 8 hours or less also. Please try to get the patches anything else will not work on me.
    Wishing you calm seas and a safe trip home.
    Love Uncle Keith and Carol


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