So we celebrated thanksgiving dinner last night. Everyone had the opportunity to make a dish or dessert if desired. I probably have eaten 15 pieces of pie in the last 24 hours. Anyway! It’s been super windy the past couple days so we haven’t been able to go out on the boats. Since we’re land locked, we’ve been catching up on paperwork and such and actually had a day off today. I hate days off because I’d rather just be out there enjoying the time I have here but alas. On this day off, I tried to bring a snowboard up to the glacier in our backyard but it was just wayyyy too windy to hike up a glacier with a snowboard. So that was a bummer… until someone shared that there was 40 crabeater seals in our “backyard”! They were all fussy and snorting which was super cute. A lot were bloody but that’s just been fights amongst themselves. That many seals hauled out on the ice like that means that there must be a big predator around (ahem, ORCAS!). We shall see. But enjoy the pics if they work.

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