Heading North

Heading home! So grateful to have had this opportunity and the experience of a lifetime! Four more days in the boat, a day in Punta Arenas, then a ton of flying. Thanks for following along 🥰

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Zoo Blog

Zoo asked me to blog about my time here, in case anyone is interested.   Notes from the Field: Conducting Scientific Research in Antarctica

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Some nice weather has arrived, with blue skies and no waves. This allows us to a new island called Dream. It was beautiful and we hiked around for about eight miles over hills full of loose rocks and heavy snow. This area is where the chinstrap penguins nest and they are as cute as can […]

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We’ve been stuck inside for a couple days due to heavy winds so time to share some pics. Cute pair of snuggly giant petrels View from atop of a glacier Leopard seal pup! Very rare spotting. Cute crabeater seal hauled out on an ice flow. Tiny weddel seal pup that came into our station. Probably […]

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Really quick

Our boat was stalked by a leopard seal today! We tried to get closer to identify the species (crabeaters and leopard seals are closely related and look similar far away) and he became very curious and came up to our boat and swam around and under. Pretty wild! He then followed us after we left […]

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So we celebrated thanksgiving dinner last night. Everyone had the opportunity to make a dish or dessert if desired. I probably have eaten 15 pieces of pie in the last 24 hours. Anyway! It’s been super windy the past couple days so we haven’t been able to go out on the boats. Since we’re land […]

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